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 Medical Certifications with Julie Milliken NPC (Independant Nurse Practitioner) will be offered online via video chat or in person by appointment.  The online process is easy, simply text a picture of your license to 207-203-9029. The nurse practitioner will text you back a link to the video chat room. You do not have to wait for event dates and times. This service is available Mon-Sat days 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Your card will be mailed out to you the next day.....or can be picked up at one of our locations same day.

                                             What are the benefits of Medical Card Holder?

- Patients with a Medical Card are able to purchase product at much lower cost due to the high sales tax    and excise tax (to the grower)  that is added onto recreational marijuana.

- A Medical Card will allow patients to purchase quantities of product based on their medical need (not       limited to 10 mg doses/100 mg package) at their local shop.

- Medical Card holders are able to grow 6 mature plants in addition to the 3 only that recreational users       are limited to.

- Medical Card holders are not limited by higher concentrations and are able to have larger amounts of       product in their possession.

- Medical Card patients have more PRIVACY over recreational users.

- Will have much more product availability.

- Most importantly patients have an affirmative defense in court if ever needed under Maine law. 

Yes marijuana is legally recreational in Maine, however the amount of recreational dispensaries are very limited. Recreational users are not able to enter or purchase from a non-recreational dispensary without a Medical Card.

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