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Cannabis Curriculum 2011 Maine Home Grown Trade Show & Expo

Cannabis Curriculum 2011 Maine Home Grown Trade Show & Expo for the last 80 years, our government's Reefer Madness campaign has tried to brainwash society and convince us that marijuana has absolutely no redeeming qualities. they have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars arresting millions of people for marijuana while also actively stifling research and preventing patients from receiving a safe, effective, natural and inexpensive medicine. fortunately, despite our government's best efforts, more and more people are realizing the truth. Maine, and 15 others states now have compassionate medical marijuana laws. so, we are in on the secret. we know the truth and it is up to us to educate ourselves AND OTHERS about this great plant. i don't want to be preaching to the choir. i want to preach to the preachers. if we are going to reverse the effects of reefer madness, we all need to become cannabis ambassadors and let other people know about the beneficial aspects of cannabis hemp as well as the devastating effects its prohibition has on society. that's where the cannabis curriculum comes in. take any field of study you can think of and you can apply it to cannabis hemp or its prohibition. for students in school, the next time your teacher gives you the chance to choose a topic for a term paper or project, pick something related to medical marijuana, industrial hemp or the drug war. when you do this, you educate yourself, your class mates and your teachers & professors. i'm also asking students to send me the results of their efforts so i can add that to the cannabis curriculum clearinghouse, which will be a huge online database that people can use to benefit their research. if you're not in school but are a student of life, you can still utilize the cannabis curriculum as we work together to end prohibition.
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