The  Hallowell store is now an adult use/recreational 21+ store .

We strive to keep our prices and quality inline with our medical locations. We have partnered with a select few of the local producers that have the same high standards that we are known for.

Current Menu

Flower (1/8th)

Kosher Kush (I) - $38.50

Salmon River (I)-$38.50

Strawberry Cough (S) $38.50

Peanut Butter Breath (H) $38.50

Icculus (I) $38.50

Black Chem (H) $25.00

Headband (H ) $25.00

Mandarin Cookies (S)  $20.00

Moon Runtz (H) $20.00

Night Rider (H) $20.00

True OG (I) $25.00

Wedding Cake (H) $30.00 

Pre-rolls  1 G

Salmon River (I) $13.00

Kosher Kush (I) $13.00

Blueberry Headband (I) $11.00

Sour Crisp Cookies (S) $11.00

Zeppole (H) $11.00

MAC (H) $13.00

Goji (S) $13.00

Moon Runtz (H) $13.00

True OG (I) $13.00

Vapor Cartridges- .5 G

Refine-Red Runtz (H) $35.00

Refine-Icculus (I) $35.00

Drinks/Edibles (8-10mg doses)

Sundown Drinks (8mg)





Cheesecake Bites (10mg)





Lozenges (10mg)


(Green Apple)


Dark Chocolate Bars (10mg)


CBD Products 

Brownies $8.00

Cookies $6.00

Gummies $15.00

Lozenges $15.00

Lollipops $4.00

Tinctures $30-$40

Lotions/Salves $40

Bath Soaks $15.00

Homegrown of Hallowell

109 Water St.


Store Hours
Monday-Thursday 12pm-8pm
Friday & Saturday 12pm-9pm

Closed Sunday 

Meet The Team


Nick Lewis


Glenn Lewis


Catherine Lewis