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Our family owned and operated State licensed apothecary helps patients with their use of cannabis as a more natural therapy. We are experienced caregivers that are vertically integrated, which means we cultivate the plants, extract the oils and create a variety of products to provide directly to our clients. 





We have been in business since 2010 and our medical store has been open in Winthrop since 2016.

We offer a three-pronged approach to your wellness; we consult, educate, and provide quality, third
party tested products and supplies. We carry flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, sprays, capsules, trans-dermal patches, salves, lotions, suppositories and more. All consumables are made in our State certified kitchen.

We specialize in servicing our veterans, addiction recovery and cancer patients, aging and critically ill.                              
We are open to the public, providing CBD and other non-cannabis products. You must have a medical card to purchase any THC product. If you are new to cannabis therapy and would like to schedule an appointment to learn about the options and have your questions answered, please call the office at 207-395-5447. We also have a professional manufacturing kitchen that produces our products for wholesale to other cannabis stores. Your can watch us creating through the window wall! 

Our recreational store in Hallowell is for those not looking for the medical aspects or without a medical card. It is nestled in town on the main street and serves those 21 years old +. Photo ID required. We proudly support several of our local Recreational providers such as Coastal Roots, Calendar Island Cannabis, East Coast Gold, Highbrow Cannabis, CannaNecter Beverages and our own HomeGrown CBD line. We have flower, pre -rolls, edibles, drinks, vapor carts, concentrates and novelty items.

Homegrown of Augusta is an independently owned and operated franchise type store located in Augusta just off the highway. They carry our products and more.  

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