Catherine and Glenn Lewis are the proprietors of Homegrown Healthcare in Winthrop, Maine.  They are caregivers dedicated to sharing their knowledge with others suffering from a variety of ailments, such as chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, addiction, recovery, anxiety, etc.

In 1990 Glenn and Catherine were in a head-on car collision and as a result, both suffered severe internal and back injuries.  After years of pharmaceuticals and multiple surgeries, they decided to try natural alternatives and became medical cannabis patients having great success in treating themselves.  They then became caregivers in their quest for health and healing. They started their own Alternative Wellness consulting and specialty garden business.

In 2015, Catherine became President of the Board of MMCM with Glenn on the advisory board.  Together with other members, created the largest East Coast Industry Trade Show.

Shanna Souza has been a part of the team at Homegrown Healthcare since April 2014.  She came from a pharmacy assistant background and enjoys helping clients find a more natural approach to wellness.

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