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Hallmark Institute of Photography is a dynamic community sustained by a passion for learning and sharing. We offer a stimulating, rigorous program in professional photography and imaging arts in an environment where creative energy flows, new ideas are developed and talent emerges.

Instructors create learning experiences that foster intellectual curiosity and imagination grounded in disciplined study. Students find their individual voice through open discussion, independent thought, hands on learning, respectful dissent, and the pursuit of continuous challenges.

Hallmark strives for diversity. Here, everyone is encouraged to participate, cared for and belief in and respect for one another are fundamental. Respectful relationships built between students and teachers are paramount to the success of our students. We value integrity, kindness and understanding. Hallmark Institute of Photography is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Working professional photographers and write papers for money artists teach Hallmark's hands-on program where real-world training is complete in just 10 months.

While there are many photography programs that require varying lengths of time to complete, we know of no other school that offers a 10-month program that encompasses an intensive 1400 clock hour curriculum. And the best part is, all 1400 of those clock hours are spent working closely in a hands-on learning environment with working professional photographers and artists who love to teach.

We believe our faculty is amongst the very best that today's photographic marketplace has to offer. They possess firsthand knowledge in working with the industry's most up-to-date pay for papers equipment and processes. Each instructor brings relevant, current and pertinent information into each and every classroom/studio/lab hour. And, don't be surprised if the class day ends and you find them working one-on-one with someone needing a little extra help. Their commitment to our student's success is second to none.

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