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At the point when you see that your Display screen is switched off, Press the Plus (activate) button over and again 10 or multiple times.

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Presently press Ok. It will incite with 'activate cigna' sign.

You have at last Solved activate cigna health card. You would now have the option to activate your ideal duplicates.

A ton of times we'll receive a message that states drum blunder. To set another drum or supplant another drum, open up the machine and set up the focal point of the cigna health card.

Presently you see two gadgets what you call is the drum and the health card. To let the toner card out of the drum, press the blue tab and lift the health card out.

Presently supplant the old drum with the enhanced one and spot your underlying activate cigna back. Delay until it clicks. Slide the blue tab north of a few times to clean the crown wire.

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