Winthrop is our original apothecary location that we opened in January of 2017. You can watch us prepare many of your favorite items through the glass wall of the store. Here we can customize your edible and other specialty orders. But don't stop with just 1 Homegrown location.  Come see the renovations and new inventory at our Hallowell & Augusta locations as well! We have several strains to choose from, which are grown by Glenn and a few other local Maine artisan cultivators. While you are at it, come and enjoy one of the largest edibles selections around!  Each store has a slightly different atmosphere and inventory for you to choose from.


Homegrown of Hallowell is located at 109 Water Street, Hallowell Maine. (Parking on the street and a newly paved lot out back).

You can find our Augusta location at 393 Western Avenue. We are beside cPort Credit Union and across the intersection from Margarita's Restaurant. 

We offer new customers a choice of a free treat with your first purchase (type/flavor vary). You must show your actual medical card (electronic copies are not allowed by State law at this time) and photo ID at time of purchase for any THC product, however, we are open to the public for non cannabis items and consultations.

True service dogs are allowed in. However, we ask that you call in advance as we do have our own dogs in store that we need to put out back before you come in.

We offer all veterans a 10% discount on each purchase (excluding sale items).

We offer all customers a loyalty program. You earn 10 points for $10 dollars spent, toward products and discounts. Please ask your attendant for details.

We also have weekly drawings for those choosing to enter. You may win a variety of Homegrown products, so please ask for your entry with purchase.

Homegrown's Menu

**Each store may have variations of menu items, prices and different hours. Loyalty points accrue separately at each location.

( Winthrop 207-395-5447)

( Augusta 207-213-6443)

(Hallowell 207-480-1511)




         Clones came in today! First come first serve. Limit two per customer per day.

Deadhead OG, Sugar Black Rose, Moose n Lobsta, AC/DC Ringos, Cherry Garcia, Killer Grape, CK Skunk, Skunk, MOB, Enigma, Bruce Banner, Chardonelle, Amnesia.

This Weeks Flower Strains

(while supplies last)6/30/21:

                    Grown by: Homegrown

  • MOB (Indica) indoor

  • Bruce Banner (Sativa Hybrid)  indoor 

  • Skunk  (Hybrid) indoor  

  • Mobsta (Hybrid) indoor

  • Moose n Lobsta (Sativa) indoor

  • Black Sugar Rose (Hybrid) indoor

  • AC/DC x Ringo's Gift (Sativa CBD) indoor  

              Grown by Crogan Gardens

  • Cenote` (Indica) Indoor

  • Tangilope (Sativa) Indoor

  • White Diesel (Indica Hybrid) Indoor 


               Grown by: Sticky Bud Farm

  • Island Punch (Hybrid) Indoor out of stock

  • Wedding Pie (Sativa) Indoor out of stock

  • Melonade (Sativa) Indoor out of stock

               Grown by: Just Shine

  • Animal Face (Indica) Indoor 

  • Buddha Tahoe (Indica) Indoor 

               Grown by: Johnny Wu Organics

  • Gorilla Glue #4 (Indica Hybrid) Indoor 

  • Durban Poison (Sativa) Indoor 

  • Banana Kush (Indica) Indoor

  • Cookie Kush (Indica) Indoor

  • Mandarin Cookie (Hybrid) Indoor

  • Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)



          $100, 150, 175 Ounce Specials 

(while supplies last-strains changes weekly and by location)

              (special is for whole ounce)



          East Coast Gold 300 mg drinks and chocolate bars $20.00



Other products/services we are offering:

New patient consults, THC and CBD flower, $8 & $10 1g pre-rolls, vapor cartridges (Growing Balance-large variety of strains $25.00 ea.), concentrates, tinctures, chocolates, lozenges, gummies (soft chews), lollipops (20mg or 40mg), topical's and more. Wholesale services also available to licensed caregivers.

Buzzies pre-rolls for $20.00  2 one-gram cones per tube.

JIBS pre-rolls  for $30.00 3 one-gram cones per box.​

East Coast Gold:

Variety of shatters, crumbles, caviar's, vape carts, THC-A crystals, chocolates, juices, gummy's.

Sticky Bud Farm:

Flower, Peanut Butter Cups, Sea Salt & Bacon Caramel Chocolate Cups


  • Apple Jack (crumble) $30.00

  • Diamonds (Rocks n Sauce) $35

  • Gorilla Glue (badder) $30.00

  • Sour Diesel (crumble) $30.00

  • Bruce Banner (keif) $25.00

  • Variety of Shatters $25.00

  • MOB (keif) $25.00