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©2019 by Homegrown Healthcare of Maine 

We take pride in the services we are able to provided to you, Our friends and customers. Our team is working hard to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of patients/friends and coworkers/employees during the pandemic  of Covid-19.

At this time our Hallowell location will  be closed until further notice.


Winthrop 207-395-5447 and Augusta 207-213-6443 will remain open, curbside pick up and cash only. We recommend you call your location of choice (Winthrop or Augusta) ahead of time to place your order. We will get it ready and be waiting for your call to let us know you are here for pick up. Note- We have reduced pricing on flower, tinctures and edibles as well as our pre-rolls, call for pricing.  

Please note the operation and hours of our locations are subject to change, please call ahead.

Effective immediately Medical Certifications with Julie Milliken (Certified Nurse Practitioner) will be offered online via video chat. All live events are cancelled until further notice. The online process is easy, Simply text a picture of your license to 207-203-9029. The nurse practitioner will text you back a link to the video chat room. you do not have to wait for event dates and times. This service is available most days 8 am to 8 pm.

The electronic card will be sent to you immediately, your actual card will be mailed out to you the next day.....