Hello friends. We are currently allowing 3 customers in at a time. With mask, and sanitizing hands at door. We ask that you not touch, we are happy to show you anything you'd like to see. We wipe down and sanitize between each customer. For those of you not able to wear a mask or not wanting to come in we are still offering pre-orders and car side delivery. Thank you for your continued support.

Please come see the renovations and new inventory at our Hallowell location! We have over 20 strains to choose from and one of the largest edibles selections around!        109 Water Street, Hallowell Maine. Parking on the street and a newly paved lot out back.

Homegrown Menu

**Each store may have variations of menu items AND different hours.

 ( Winthrop 207-395-5447)

( Augusta 207-213-6443)

(Hallowell 207-480-1511)

This Weeks Flower Strains

(while supplies last) 12/26/20:




        $7.75 Gorilla Glue (Indica) by In The Weedz 

        *$10.00 Bruce Banner (Hybrid)  indoor strain Homegrown

         $7.75 Cherry Garcia (Indica) indoor strain Homegrown 

        *$7.75 Deadhead OG (Sativa Hybrid) indoor strain Homegrown

          $7.75 AC/DC x Ringo's Gift (Sativa CBD) indoor strain Homegrown

         $10.00 Grapefruit x G-13 (Hybrid) indoor strain Homegrown

        *$5.75 Enigma (Hybrid) outdoor strain Homegrown

        * $5.75 MOB (Indica) outdoor strain Homegrown

          $5.75 Cherry Pie (Hybrid) outdoor strain Jay's Botanicals

          $5.75 Royal Thug (Indica) outdoor strain Jay's Botanicals


          *Prerolls available



          $100 Ounce Special (strain changes weekly and by location)

          Growing Balance Distillate Carts - $25.00 or 4 for $80.00

          Homegrown Candy Lozenges- Buy any 2 jars get 3rd Free

           Select Flower Strain $5.00/gram

Other products/services we are offering:

New patient consults, thc and cbd flower, $ 5.00 House-  Hybrid mixed pre-rolls, $10 1g pre-rolls (Pineapple Fields or salmon River OG) vapor cartridges (Growing Balance-large variety of strains), concentrates, tinctures, chocolates, lozenges, gummies, lollipops (20mg or 40mg), topicals and more.

Buzzies pre-rolls for $20.00  2 one-gram cones per tube.

Single flavor tubes:

 Star Dawg (S), East Coast Sour Diesel (S), Jilly Bean (I), Grape Stomper (I),  

Combo packs (1 each):

 Tangie Kush(S) & Skywalker OG (I),

Candy Chem (S) & Jilly Bean (I)

Sticky Bud Farms Edibles

Hi-5 Concentrates 

House  blend shatter 

Black Sugar Rose (sugar) $30.00

Pamolab Concentrates

Skycuddler Double Kush (live resin) $35.00

Purple Trainwreck (sugar) $30.00


We take pride in the services we are able to provided to you, our friends and customers. Our team is working hard to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of patients/friends and coworkers/employees during the pandemic of Covid-19. Currently we are offering curbside sales and only 3 people are allowed inside for consultations without an appointment and a mask .  Thank you in advance for your patience. You may call ahead to have an order ready for your arrival or call when you get here. We will come out to your car take your order, verify your patient card and photo ID and answer any questions you may have.  We prefer cash however debit cards can be used inside. (You must provide a pin number. Credit cards are not allowed due to banking restrictions.)

**Please call to confirm as hours may change unexpectedly as we are with reduced staff at this time. Our website is under construction and strains and products could vary due to supply.

Phone -(207) 395-5447


Fax - (207) 226-2000

662 Stanley Rd., Winthrop, ME 04364

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